Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey kids!   Uncle Cranky here.   In case you haven't heard, Sony has been hyping up a BIG press release for Feb 20th.   Well hey what a coincidence!  That's today!  General consensus is that this will be the official reveal of the Playstation 4.  Sony obviously hasn't confirmed this, but they've stayed quiet with a silent, implied wink-and-nod.* 

So if you follow my site, here's what is going to happen.   I'm gonna find me a stream of the video.   I know our friends over at Attack Initiative will be hosting a stream, or you can find a portal of your choice. Once you've found a stream, and I've found a stream, I will be hosting a livetweet of my thoughts as the conference goes on.   So if you HAVEN'T followed me on twitter, now is the time to do so!

The big conference begins at 6pm EST!   See you there!

*- Of course, this COULD be like the Nintendo press conference a couple of years ago, when people thought they were going to announce the Wii U, and instead they revealed a couple of games no one cared about.   But we don't think so.

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