Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So, welcome to the end of February.  So far, the Game-A-Week posts seem to be doing well, but I notice that I've made a habit out of only posting that throughout the week.  I want to post more, offer more content. Frankly, I'm still kinda balancing this blog, the Youtube channel, and the Twitter, and realizing just how much work is involved here.   But I want to keep putting out things for people to read and enjoy, so I'm introducing a few new features and some modicum of a schedule.  

Feedback is not just encouraged, it's practically begged for here.   Let's take a look!  

Due to my work schedule at the moment, I believe I'm going to be looking at a Mon-Fri schedule and leaving the weekends for work and actually playing games.  Funny how running a blog leaves less time for that!  But I want to make sure each day has something that makes it special, something specific to each day of the week.  These are all subject to change, but this is the general plan I'm looking at:

I'm liking the Game-A-Week posts on Monday so that will stay.  I'd still really like to hear people's picks from the list!   It's right there in the sidebar; don't be afraid to pick one and email me or send me a message on Twitter saying "Hey I'd like to see you play THIS game, and hear what you think!"

I think Tuesday will be Game Music Day.  Just something fun and simple, where I will post a youtube video of game-related music.  Sometimes it'll be an actual song from a game's OST, sometimes it'll be a cover, sometimes a parody.  As amazing as she is, I promise not to completely inundate you with Lindsey Stirling.

X-Media Wednesdays (read: cross-media), in which I will review non-game works based on games, be it a novel, a movie, or comics.  There's a lot of meta-work out there, and some of it's awesome, while some of it's crap.  Spoiler alert: if I'm reviewing a movie, it's probably going to be crap.  There are very few decent video game movies.

Still working on this one, but I think this'll just be a random writing day.  Some days might be an editorial (I have several planned), or they might be a review, like an Indie Game Spotlight or the previously attempted "Retroawesome".  I liked that idea, I just never really followed through on it. 

I'm going to try and put a video on my Youtube Channel at least every Friday.  Please subscribe to the channel, it'd mean a lot to me. Future videos might be a game spotlight, or an editorial, or a Let's Play, who knows?   I like to think that I am getting better and better with videos.  I mean I went from a static upload to actually having timed editing cuts, intro theme music, and closing credits in only two or three weeks of making them.  

So for the rest, I think I'm mostly going to keep the Facebook page restricted to news links, interesting stuff I find on the web, and gaming pictures.  We already have a ton of stuff up on there if you haven't looked yet!   

If you haven't followed me on Twitter yet please do so.  I recently livetweeted the entire Sony Meeting where they revealed the PS4, and it was very successful.  I try not to spam, but I will retweet interesting stories and news I find, as well as point out great sales on games throughout the internet.  I also like to make the occasional silly or snarky observation about things, so it's a lot of fun.  

There's also my Twitch.TV channel, which I try to use a few times a week.  I'm still kind of figuring out XSplit, because I notice some games it has no problems recording, others it just doesn't see at all (like System Shock 2...that was embarrassing; I didn't realize it for two hours).  

So I think that's everything right now.  Please, get involved.  Post comments, make suggestions, respond to my opinions.  Agree with me!  Argue with me!  Call me an asshole!  I'd really like to see this whole thing get off the ground, and for as much work as I put into it, only you, my loyal and beloved readers, can really make that happen.  

Thanks for reading, folks!     

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