Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Just a quickie post here, making a shout out to one of my favorite resource sites out there.  A lot of you know that about 80% of my gaming is on the PC, and one of those reasons is because PC gaming is so ridiculously cheap.  Online retailers like Steam, GreenManGaming, Amazon, GameFly, etc. have ridiculous sales all the time. 

CheapShark is the best way to keep an eye on all of these sales.  They do the scouring for you, posting the top sales of nine of the biggest online PC games retailers out there, so you don't have to go hunting or miss out on a great sale. 

I don't plug services I don't use myself.  Seriously, these guys are fantastic.   I've caught some amazing deals thanks to them, like when Kingdoms Of Amalur went on sale for $7, or when GreenManGaming had a 30% off coupon code through Christmas, allowing me to get three different AAA titles (that were normally $50-60 at the time) for less than $15 each.  They do news bulletins on the site and on facebook, so you don't miss anything big, and they do a weekly raffle for free games. 

You can even sign up for alerts; looking for a specific game, but don't want to pay more than a certain price?  Let them know, and they will email you any time that game goes below a certain price threshold that YOU set.

Seriously, check CheapShark out.  If you're serious not only about gaming, but about saving money, they're a truly awesome service.

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